Non-Paintball Items You Can Bring into a Paintball Game

Paintball is seen as a sport that can be played by athletic guys as well as by geeks and nerds. Hard-nosed players include a fair amount of women who enjoy the running and shooting around as much as males do. Besides the paintball gun, goggles, helmet and the body armour, there are several other things that a player can bring along to the paintball game.

  • Two-way radio. This does not have to be CB quality. You can bring along a toy walkie-talkie with a limited range, and that would be okay. It might not be legal according to the rules you play with, though. However, if it is allowed within your league, then it is a distinct advantage and can lead to a more strategic game. With a walkie-talkie, you can split up your forces, or you can talk strategy with your partner without using hand signals, or even without being in sight of one another.
  • Large water bottle. Paintball is an energetic game, and it can be exhausting. Even if the games themselves do not extend more than ten or fifteen minutes, you would still need to drink water at some point. Large groups of paintball players can take a long time to finish a game of capture the flag. In such a case, a water bottle can be a lifesaver.
  • Pouches. There is always a need for extra pouches. Even if you were wearing a vest with extra pouches, you would still find a pouch attached to your belt a necessity. Some of the things you can put in pouches include the compressed air containers, as well as extra paintballs. Of course, if the rules of the game have a set limit to what you can carry, you won’t need these extra pouches, but still, it is always better to have an extra container or pouch on your body.
  • Duct tape. Seriously, you can bring a roll of duct tape to a paintball game. First off, it is cheaper than gaffer tape. For another, you can choose your colour of duct tape. It can be used to tape items together or to attach specific items on your body, which you can easily discard later.
  • Sports camera. If you have a GoPro or any other sports camera, you can bring this along to the game. You can record your moves and games as you go along. If you regularly play with others, or if you are a team playing in a league, you would need a replay of the game where you can watch and learn how the other teams interact. This is like having the best tennis racquets for intermediate players, more than just an edge, and it can help win games as well.

Paintball sounds like it is an individual sport, when in fact, it is more of a team sport where coordination with others is important. However, that does not mean that you can just join and bring what everyone else is bringing. You can choose to bring other items to the game, the better to enjoy it, and to have a better chance of winning.

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How Do Paintball Arenas Keep The Grass Trim?

How Do Paintball Arenas Keep The Grass TrimFor a great paintball experience, equipment has to be well maintained. What one often does not think of maintaining, however, is paintball arenas. Arenas have to be well take cared of to ensure that paintball players feel welcomed and excited. Furthermore, movements should be easy and safe. It is harder to run when the grass is too high and one may be more prone to falling.

Mowing the Arena

In order to keep the floor of the arena suitable for paintball, the grass has to be trimmed. A lot of equipment is usually on the arena. To trim the grass thoroughly, one must therefore remove all obstacle/paintball objects first. Mowers and trimmers can be bought from any store like Sears or Canadian Tire. Mowing grass can then take place, with one or more passes of the field. With some fields, a large mower is passed first, and then a smaller mower is passed to make sure that the field is well cut. A trimmer can be used around the edges of the field if deemed necessary.

If you are reading this because you’re researching on how to keep the grass in your large lawn trim, make sure to read Poulan Pro riding mower reviews or other similar articles. Doing so will really help in making the right decision on what mower to purchase.

Low Maintenance Alternative

Alternatively, one can buy Astro Turf, which is artificial grass that does not have to be planted nor trimmed. It can be passed as real grass, and is even softer. One buys the turf as is, and minimal maintenance is necessary. In fact, turf is the more popular choice, as natural grass requires much more care. Please see the links below for more information about Astro Turf. Many different turfs are available for purchase.

Natural Grass or Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is more often used for indoor paintball, and it makes sense because adding soil and growing grass is not quite practical inside a building. In outdoor paintball fields, however, natural grass is more often found. Many people have started using artificial turf outside to make maintenance easier, although this requires a somewhat challenging initial stage: clearing grass by the root or finding a large enough area that is devoid of grass.

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What are the Best Shoes for Paintballing?

What are the Best Shoes for PaintballingOne of the best questions that people should ask before they go paint balling is: What are the best shoes for paintballing? There is no simple answer to that question, which should make the requisite shoe shopping more difficult for most people.

Naturally, a wide range of shoes should work for this purpose. People just have to take into account the actual physical demands of paint balling. This is a sport that really does require people to be really fast on their feet if they want to avoid getting hit by other people’s paint balls. As such, they are going to need shoes that will work very well like top rated running shoes, or they are never going to stand a chance at succeeding at paint ball.

There is also the fact that people should try to get running shoes that are fairly quiet. Paint ball might be very aggressive in its active phase. However, a good portion of this sport really just requires sneaking up on people in some way or another. As such, people are going to need shoes that will give them some sort of of a stealth ability. Otherwise, they are going to lose the game for a completely different reason. Paint ball requires speed, but it also requires sneakiness. There are plenty of shoes that can more or less give people everything that they are looking for, since plenty of running shoes are also great in terms of being quiet.

Of course, even apart from all of the athletic demands of paint ball, people need to remember that this is a messy game. They are probably going to get paint all over their shoes as a minimum. It’s important for them to avoid getting shoes that are too expensive, unless they don’t mind covering their expensive shoes entirely with paint.

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