Can Self-Balancing Scooters Add Excitement to a Paintball Game?

Can Self-Balancing Scooters Add Excitement to a Paintball GameEvery year, it seems like some huge technological breakthrough completely changes the way we carry on with our day to day lives.

We are living in the middle of one of the most exciting technological revolutions in human history. Though most of us are just kind of along for the ride and watching it unfold right before our very eyes, history will show that this was a time of transformative technology across a wide variety of different areas.

While most of us see new and advanced technologies being unveiled in the consumer electronic world, the transportation world is also going through tremendous and seismic shifts. Self balancing scooters or hoverboards are a perfect example of that shift, and they have gone from an urban commuting tool to something that can completely change the way we enjoy our “downtime” – like paintball, for example.

Self balancing scooters are no longer just for the sidewalk

The early versions of self balancing scooters were designed specifically for the smoothest and most even surfaces possible, but that’s no longer the truth.

Today’s hoverboards have learned a lot from the first few generations that were produced only a handful of years ago, and are now capable of tackling off-road terrain as well.

Sure, there’s no self balancing scooter that can match a Jeep Wrangler for its off-road capability, for example – but you’re definitely going to be able to cruise through a pastor or a wooded area with one of these underneath your feet, especially if you’re playing paintball.

Knobby tires, advanced gyroscopic technology, and an effortless control scheme definitely help paintball players get the most out of this personal transportation solution.

Golfers have been using hoverboards for a few years now

Golfers have been taking advantage of these kinds of scooters for a couple of years now, and they really were the “prototype” market for this technology.

More and more upscale country clubs are swapping out their gas guzzling carts for “hoverboards”, and golfers are jumping on top of the opportunity to zip around their favorite course with the self balancing solutions.

Though most golf courses are a lot more even and well-kept than most paintball fields, the technology transitions pretty effortlessly from one surface to the next.

Again, you probably aren’t going to be able to climb over any rock ledges or wood obstacles with a hoverboard – but you’re definitely going to be able to deliver yourself and your team to the opposite side of the playing field a lot faster (and with less fatigue) than you would have been able to otherwise.

Cranking up the excitement of a paintball game with self balancing scooters

At the end of the day, you’re definitely going to be able to take advantage of this new and advanced scooter technology to really crank up the excitement of a traditional paintball match.

Imagine this for just a moment.

You are hunkered down, taking enemy fire and have absolutely no chance of getting out without getting marked.

You jump on your radio, calling for the “cavalry”, and all of a sudden your teammates or a couple of extra squads are able to fly across the battlefield – on top of self balancing scooters – and provide you with the cover fire that you need to turn the tide and win the match.

That’s what’s possible when you are playing with these kinds of scooters out there on the open field. Definitely consider adding a couple of these scooters to your squad rollout kit, and you’ll find out firsthand just how much fun it can be!